Feline Good

Feline Good is the first cat cafe in Cardiff, Wales, doubling as a home for local rescue cats and a cafe for people to enjoy a cup of coffee with their feline friends.

Rebrand / Branding and Identity


Previous Brand


Feline Good fails to create a brand system or to utilize extensions. Information on the cafe is extremely confusing, the current process of entering requires guests to email the cafe in advance to visit. 


Solving the Problem 

The logo moved away from imagery and to a type solution, a flexible identity for the brand as a cafe and shelter. Patterns and icons illustrations create a playful tone

The color palette covers a range of values, the shades of red are friendly and bold, paired with a deep, sophisticated blue and a neutral cream

The use of type creates a balance of playful and serious--with a modern, rounded sans serif and a light elegant serif.



Menus for the cafe 



The online waiver and prepayment fixes the current problem of entry, allowing guests to schedule a visit and enter with ease. Options to become a member with the cafe are now available for returning guests.


Photos taken for Feline Good establishing a brand photo style. The photo style strays away from the typical cute cat photos and focuses on portraits and crops creating interesting compositions with a more sophisticated feel


Scannable key cards for members and stamp cards to incentivize customer loyalty


The banded website design creates a paired down site easier for the user to navigate while still featuring all the necessary information