Network in solidarity with Guatemala 

The Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala (nisgua) works to build and strengthen ties between the people of the United States and Guatemala in the global struggle for justice, human dignity, and respect for the Earth.

Rebrand / Branding and Identity



  Previous Brand

Previous Brand



Nisgua’s current brand look is indistinguishable with unclear connection to either the United States or Guatemala. Compared to other nonprofits, the brand is much less striking and weaker in tone.


Solving the problem

To incite others to join their cause, nisgua features striking call to actions, a path for involvement and tools for educating on their cause. The brand tone should be a balance between authoritative and motivating.

The new logotype emphasis Guatemala to reflect the organization's focus. The new colors compliment another, a deep green to reflect Guatemala's rich biosphere and a bright red to evoke urgency. 



Illustrations are used to tell the story and incite engagement. Fun illustrations aimed at motivating their audience are more colorful and may animate. Somber illustrations are styled the same but with less playfulness and color variety


The website simplifies the content, moving away from the various tabs and sub-navigations and reorders the hierarchy to make it easy for the user to understand nisgua's mission, learn about their cause and get involved


Telling the story

Educating on the history between the United States and Guatemala is crucial to understanding the creation and continued need for nisgua. We illustrate the story on the website so that is visual and digestible. 

Short gifs and videos ads are used to engage on social media for education and rallying support


Granito comes from Pamela Yate's 2011 documentary, Granito on the war in Guatemala. Granito refers to a grain of sand, tiny on it's own, but capable of tipping the scale, and collectively, a force for change.