Supporting Women in Geography 

SWIG is a professional organization that strives to inspire women and other underrepresented groups to network with colleagues, give back to the community, and achieve both their educational and professional goals within the study of geography.

Branding and Identity



SWIG is a national organization lacking an identity system. The Texas State chapter struggles to have a presence at the university, is faced with declining membership and struggles to provide for their target audience, both undergraduate and graduate students in the field of geography.


Solving the problem

SWIG needs a dynamic identity that can be used to publicize their organization. They need a branding system that will aid them in growing their chapter to attract a wide range of students. SWIG also needs to provide incentives for active membership and ways to help them network.

The logo design was inspired by girls and boy scouts badges and buttons from the women's liberation movement and rendered in a modern style to reflect swig's progressive views. The logo will inform an icon style to be expanded on throughout the system. Icons can be used to help promote swig values


The color palette features earthy, saturated tones that are gender-neutral.


Badges are used for networking and volunteering events. Patches and stickers come in the member welcome kit.


The handbook is formatted like a map and comes in each member's welcome kit.


The back of the handbook can function as a poster or be recycled into wrapping paper such as to cover sandwiches packed on hikes.


Membership cards are made to gather information on each new member for swig to use in planning, social media features and for preparing welcome kits


Welcome kit contents and instagram post